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Why The Elderly Should Invest in Skincare


When people age, they tend to neglect some aspects of their health – thinking it would not be very beneficial for them. One of these aspects is skincare. People think that skincare is only for the younger looking people. While the younger generation spend more time in skincare routines than senior citizens, there are still reasons why the elderly should focus on their skincare as well.

As providers of Home Health Care in Des Plaines, Illinois, we give you some helpful information on why skincare should be promoted to our beloved senior citizens:

  • Cracking/wrinkling

    As people age, their skin becomes more susceptible to cracks and wrinkles. This is because the skin loses its natural moisture and start to become dull and dry The skin also becomes more susceptible to wounds and sores. It is important that we encourage our senior citizens to moisturize skin with lotion and essential oils.

  • Stretch marks and dryness

    Taking good care of the skin reduces stretch marks and dryness. It is a great way of making our senior citizens look more confident and happy with their appearances, no matter how old they are.

  • Sunburns

    When our senior citizens invest in skincare, they are taking good care of their skin wherever they are. If they love outdoor activities like going on picnics or gardening, they may need sunscreen for their skin.

  • Happiness and productivity

    Our senior citizens feel happy and productive when they pamper themselves with skincare. They feel better about themselves, and no longer feel sad for leaving their younger years behind. They will feel beautiful and handsome, regardless of their age, once they see the improvement on their faces and skin condition thanks to the skincare.

  • Skin cancer

    We can help our senior citizens lower the risk of skin cancer by promoting skincare. One of the major causes for skin cancer is excessive exposure to the sun. Help seniors apply sunscreen whenever they go outdoors.

Taking care of ourselves should not stop at our physical conditions and fitness, mental and emotional health. Our appearances and looks should also be taken care of, regardless of our age.

At Holistic Health Partners, Inc., we take pride in providing Medical Social Services and other health services for our clients like you. Your wellness is important to us!

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