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The 6 Benefits of Quitting Vices


It’s difficult to quit on your vices, no matter how harmful these may be to our well-being. No matter what your vices are – smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, it is important that you quit them. They are simply not healthy for you. Vices shorten your lifespan and make you look older than you actually are.

On a positive note, there are many amazing things that happen when you quit your vices. At Holistic Health Partners, Inc., we care for your health more than anything. We offer Home Health Care in Des Plaines, Illinois to provide better, healthier living for the people you love. Do you want to know what the benefits of quitting your vices are? Keep reading!

  1. You get a healthy body.

    When you quit vices, you stop running out of breath. Your skin is not too dry. You have lesser wrinkles. Your eyes are clearer. You just look healthy and radiant!

  2. Your mind becomes clearer.

    You become positive and less irritated. You think clearly because you get enough sleep, being independent from the vices you thought you cannot live without.

  3. You become more productive.

    You watch your health more, and do more substantial things with your time. You finish more work without having cigarette breaks. You spend more time at night with working and studying than drinking alcohol to kill time. Your body has a way of depending on these vices, which can cost you time, money and even relationships with people.

  4. You sleep better at night.

    When your body depends too much on chemical substances, you get lesser sleep. You cannot get shut-eye without a drink. You smoke before bed – which can keep you awake longer than you expect. Quitting these vices give you better sleep, more independence to controlling your sleep patterns.

  5. Your breathing becomes more natural.

    When you smoke, nicotine fills up your airways can cause problems with breathing. Quitting smoking is giving you fresher breath, healthier lungs and no more running out of air to breathe in.

  6. You smell better.

    The smell of smoke and alcohol sticks to your skin and clothes. Once you quit, your body starts to heal itself from the damages of these vices – you are detoxifying your body of all these toxins. You smell better this way.

These vices will bring you no good when it comes to your health. Smoking and drinking can cause cancer, diabetes, kidney failures, heart diseases and many more. Always choose to live a healthy lifestyle! If you need support in these areas, learn more about our Medical Social Services by exploring through our website.

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