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6 TRICKS For Disposing Medicines Safely


While we execute extra precaution in administering medications to our loved ones, disposing of their containers or unused drugs should also be safely done. The prominent reason for safe disposal is safety, for the community, environment, and the population in general.

For this reason, the country’s Drug Enforcement Administration hosts a regular schedule for National Prescription Drug Take-back. They hold temporary collection sites in different communities so that prescription medicines can be safely disposed of. You may refer to this government agency if you’d like to look for a permanent collection site nearest your area.

As your premier provider of Home Health Care in Des Plaines, Illinois, we also recognize the importance of safe disposal. So we’ve compiled these suggestions for you, especially in the case when the collection site is so out of your way.

  1. Think of your children or pets when you dispose of your medicines.
    Make sure they are placed in areas that curious hands can’t reach. In addition to that, ensure that the area you’ve disposed of the medicine to doesn’t cause contamination to your surroundings.
  2. Refer to the medication label if there are instructions for disposal.
    Unless it’s precisely indicated, don’t dispose of your medicines into the toilet.
  3. For expired tablets or capsules, you can try grinding and mixing them with other similar-textured substances, such as sand, ground coffee, or even your cat’s litter.
    This will prevent your pets or children from playing with them when you’re not watching. Ensure to put them in a container and then seal afterward before throwing into the trash bin.
  4. Some medicines administered by providers of Skilled Nursing in Illinois require the use of needles, which can be extra challenging to dispose of.
    We recommend putting the needles inside a plastic container or a metal can with a secure lid. This way, you can keep the needle from possibly piercing others unnecessarily.
  5. Inquire from your nearest pharmacy if they receive expired medicines.
    Most pharmacies take these medicines so they can safely dispose of it themselves.
  6. There are also facilities that process hazardous wastes that also receive expired medicines.
    You can inquire first from these agencies if they accept these expired medications so you will save your time from going to their location.

When it comes to safety, we really should not take matters into our own hands. It’s best if we can adhere to the set-out standards so that we can ensure that we’ve applied safety correctly. At Holistic Health Partners, Inc., we also see to it that our clients are always safe and secure under our care. For this reason, we create a well-crafted care plan with assistance from the Medical Social Services, so that our client can receive the ideal intervention that fits their condition and health needs.

If you would like to know further about how else we can serve you at Holistic Health Partners, Inc., don’t think twice about contacting us. We would love to answer inquiries from you.

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